Blogs for art educators and blogs for art classes

As I started down this rabbit hole, I found that many artists and art teachers use blogs to share lesson plan ideas and outcomes.  For example, a quick google search yielded the following article recommending 20 art-blogs for educators:  The featured sites included, art, carrot revolution.blogspot.  But these sites generally did not have examples of specific uses of blogs in the classroom.  Rather, they will be good references for future digital and non digital art projects.

Seeking out “classroom blogs” provideded more relevant hits regarding how blogs are used in the classroom and provided excellent examples.   The best assortments of blogs I found was on This website highlights and provides examples of what a blog can do for a classroom, whille highlighting Edublog’s structural blogging platform.  The site includes many examples of classroom blog ideas which were presented in an attractive multimedia format, including word content and layout and featuring drawings that moved.

Meanwhile, other blogs highlighted the structural things that a teacher must consider and address before utilizing a blog in conjunction with a class.  See, e.g., Teachers doors.  There is a lot of ground work to lay, such as obtaining permission from the school principal and then permissions from the parents.  The website also provides blogging platforms, and includes a discussion of four basic ways to utilize blogs in a classroom:1) classroom management, 2) collaboration;3) discussions; and 4) student portfolios.   Additional functionalities can be added to some blogs with the addition of tools like surveys which can be utilized to test student understanding or vote on project ideas.


2 thoughts on “Blogs for art educators and blogs for art classes

  1. Teachers starting to use blogs for education have found of myriad of ways to build a classroom and help students connect with each other. The blogs you have supplied are great sources but also show precautions teachers need to take to make the online world a safer environment.
    Be sure to look up how blogging help psychologically by building confidence in students and their identity!


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