Using photoshop


One thought on “Using photoshop

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    I remember learning photoshop over 18 years ago — the big thing then was being able to use layers. Now, PS has much larger capacity and more bells and whistles graphic-wise, with filters that make oil paintings and such out of images. My favorite enhancement is the free transform feature.

    Working on PS in a classroom context was super because by asking questions, I was able to move through blocks much faster. PS is frustrating as I do get stuck a lot when working on my own and it feels like I am on an isolated desert island!

    One other thing I liked about the PS projects in class was the fact that were were all sent off to do our own projects. This fits very well with my style of teaching: Provide tools and set the table. Then let the students at it! My role, as I see it, is to support my students’ intellectual and creative development.


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