Image Manipulation and Digital Drawing Presentation

Hi folks,

I wanted to make sure that you got all of the info and links from this presentation.  Here is my presentation Image Manipulation and Digital Drawing.  The powerpoint part of the presentation shows how to use Adobe Photoshop to cut out images from photos and paste them onto other backgrounds that you have manipulated with Photoshop filters:

Digital Drawing powerpoint



I used the image I created as part of a flyer for an upcoming retreat  that I am running with a yoga instructor: DOWNTIME: Yoga and Art Retreat, Nov. 14-16:

retreat flyer3


You can get Photoshop and other Adobe products in its creative suite like Illustrator for $19.95/month while you are a student.

(PS, i just figured out how to add the above as a live link…. , first flick the staple looking icon for add link in the “Visual” bar, then go to add media, then do to the add url line on the left hand side, put your link in url line then, name it in the line below.  and press the button on the bottom right to insert it in your blog;  I’m sharing this because it took me a while!!!)


The other part of my presentation on Monday was about Digital Drawing.  I had a ball playing with many applications on my iPad.  These FREE apps included Kids Doodle, Sketches, DooDooColoring Book and Kaleidescope.  I believe the Kids Doodle link was on my iPad (or suggested to me) when I got the iPad a few years ago.  The other links i found through this article:

Each of the apps I chose for this presentation were very intuitive. And they also all had large reverse buttons where you could easily undo what you did.

Here are photos of the images I created with these programs:

Sketches    Done in Sketches


kidsddodle.jb   Done in Kids Doodle

kidsdoodle.z  Done in KidsDoodle (by a kid)

doodoocoloringDone in DooDooColoring Book (Princess)

Unfortunately, the Kaleidescope app only saves as a movie and not an image so I could not include it here



One of the cool things about these drawing apps, in addition to the fact that they were very intuitive and free, was that when I finished each drawing all I needed to do was click the “reel” icon on the bottom and a movie was created of how i created each image… Boy, you could do a lot with that as an educator!! Unfortunately, while i could email and download those videos, I was unable to figure out how to add get them into a format that this blog platform would allow to upload.



That’s all folks.  I hope this was helpful.




PS: there is another app for iPads called Loop which is for aminating line drawings.  Haven’t figured it out yet.  (But life is long…I hope)


2 thoughts on “Image Manipulation and Digital Drawing Presentation

  1. Thank you very much for the good information about how to get photo shop. You helped me understand this technology and what is possible. I really appreciated it!!! Carrie


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